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Fine Deals keeping the Effective Drinks Now for You

From the bottle or the glass? When you drink from the bottle, the pressure on the tongue is so great that you do not notice the taste. You then swallow the beer too fast. The glasses are crucial for optimal drinking pleasure. They affect how the drink enters the mouth, how the receptors moisten and what information is passed on to the brain. When drinking it is important that it arrives pointed on the tongue, because it is not so powerful. Therefore, you drink it from slim glasses. A beer with a lot of alcohol requires a wide glass to wet the whole tongue and the edges of the mouth.

Which beer with which food?

It is perfect as an aperitif, so beforehand. You can also mix it well, for example with Aperol, Campari or orange liqueur. The beers with less taste are a good accompaniment to the meal. White beer fits the asparagus. They are baked fish, with Christall wheat, that’s a fine combination. Dark beers go well with poultry. The heavy, intense beers pair with cheese, which can compete with the combination of wine and cheese. The use of the Stubby holders also comes to use now


What about non-alcoholic beer?

Alcohol-free beers can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there are hardly any differences in taste.

How do I tap properly?

The dispensing system must be optimally adjusted. The beer should run down fine when the tap is open. You make the glass full. The foam can still make up a third. The beer takes a few minutes, the foam has to sit down. Then you fill up and finally put the head of foam on the beer.

And pour out of the bottle?

Out of the bottle into the glass, that’s what most beer drinkers do wrong. They hold both very diagonally and let the beer run into the glass. You just fill it. The glass should be held but only slightly inclined and give the beer with momentum over the edge.

How do I prevent a hangover?

The headache does not come from the beer. This can happen at most with strong beers, if you drink too much. Mostly, the hangover comes from the noise in the pub, the cigarette smoke or improper use. For example, you should not drink the beer too cold.

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